Friday, September 17, 2010

Enabling Bluetooth FTP Server setting on your Android Phone (HTC Desire) - Froyo

I've just noticed that after updating my HTC Desire to Froyo, there is a new bluetooth function: FTP Server. This means that you can use your computer to browse files on your phone via bluetooth. No need for the cable just to transfer files from computer to phone.

Before this, I have been using  SwiFTP to transfer files wirelessly to my phone.  I still will use it. But now I have an alternative.

Now from my Fedora Linux machine, I can pair with my HTC Desire phone and can browse the files on the sdcard. Cool huh !

This is how it looks like on my Fedora Linux File browser:

Choosing to browse files using bluetooth after pairing

File browsing my HTC desire via BlueTooth FTP server

On your HTC Desire:

  1. Turn on bluetooth in your HTC Desire (Settings - Wireless and Networks - Bluetooth
  2. Once on, at the same page, go to Bluetooth Settings
  3. Make your device discoverable so that you can pair with your computer
  4. Goto Advanced Settings and check the FTP Server setting
On you computer:
  1. Turn on bluetooth on your computer
  2. Scan for devices. You should be able to see your HTC desire device name. 
  3. Pair with your HTC desire.
  4. Select your bluetooth icon and choose browse files (Fedora linux specific)
  5. An authorization request needs to approved on your phone. Approve it and a window will open to show you files on your phone's sdcard.

** So far I've only tested using Fedora 13 which I am using. Will test later with Windows 7. If you tested on Windows 7 and can browse successfully,  do comment and let me know.


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  1. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for posting. I can confirm it works fine with Ubuntu 11.10 as well.