Sunday, September 12, 2010

KeepAwake - My First Android App

KeepAwake is a small android app that I developed. You can use it to prevent your android device from dimming / turning off the screen.. This is useful for times where you are reading some article using the browser, and you don't want the screen to keep dimming.

With this android widget, all you need is to turn it on and your phone will stay awake. Turn it off when you are done and the screen will turn off after the screen display timeout.

Hope you enjoy this app.

To download you can scan this QR-Code  or you can install from here

Download KeepAwake from the Android Market

If you found this widget useful and wish to donate, please help support me via PayPal or using your credit card =)


  1. Heya,

    Nice widget! The only thing I'm missing is to have a "ongoing" notification in the notification window (the top bar, which you can scroll down). This would be helpful so one won't forget it's running.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it. I decided not to do that in order not to take up too much space on the notification bar which can be used for other things .