BK SoftHome

 I developed this app based on requests from friends. The Soft Home app that they were using had stopped working on their HTC Desire (Froyo). So I developed this app which typically implements the soft home functionality and works on the HTC Desire. 

This app will be useful if:
  • your physical home button is not working (spoilt)
  • you wish to avoid using the physical Home button 

Main points for this app:

  • It is an ongoing notification. So clicking on the "Clear" button will not remove it from the notification bar.
  • If you are using Froyo (2.2), it automatically installs to your sdcard. This means that it will not work when you connect your phone as a disk. You can move it back to your phone's internal memory via your application management interface via Settings.

To install here's the QR Code or you can also install from here

Have fun !

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